On Staying Power

On Staying Power

Posted on:Oct 23 2007
Captured by:David J

I am searching for the long rhythm. That is, I am searching for the sustainable pace that will allow me to maintain maximum output for the duration of years. I do not want to cycle up and down. For forty years I have maintained a steady output. I do not recall cyclic blocks of unproductive time, where for some weeks I re-gathered my strength. But I am just 40 years of age, I am planning on 60 more years of output, and I do not know what those 60 years may hold as regards my health.

It seems that many of my friends are plagued with depression. Some of it is a result of biology, but some of it is result of “burnout.” If I work at an intensity that results in burnout, my first phase of productivity will have been an illusion. Productivity must be measured over an extended length of time. This is to say that I must balance my work and my rest. I think I have done this up to now, but if my body is changing, then so must my schedule.

I am very sensitive, now, to the risks.

I pray that God will help me find the right life rhythm.

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