On Recognizing Artificial Arrangement of Facts

On Recognizing Artificial Arrangement of Facts

Posted on:Apr 29 2016
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

We must beware of “story-ized” facts. It is our nature to take a series of facts, or data points, and arrange them into a story fashion. This can be useful, but it can also lead to distortion.

Whenever you hear a compelling story, and before truly accepting its implied “moral,” one must deconstruct the story down to its essential data, down to its stand-alone quotes and facts, then the facts must be considered independent of any artificial arrangement.

At this point, one may decide that the facts, taken as a whole, support the conclusion/moral. On the other hand, one may decide that the arrangement of the facts has enabled the storyteller to promote a conclusion which cannot be established. Beware, particularly of inspirational stories. They almost always have a contrived arrangement of facts, even an omission of certain other facts, so as to promote the storyteller’s message.

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