On Stress-testing Our Philosophy

On Stress-testing Our Philosophy

Posted on:Mar 16 2015
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

Philosophy should be tested across multiple conditions. This is particularly true of philosophical life-systems.” We need to ask, How do these principles work under conditions (x)“? Let the variable (x) represent a set of diverse and extreme conditions. Let these conditions be extracted from a carefully considered selection of life experiences. 

Most philosophers fail to account for the direct experience of radical evil or intense agony. Moreover, they fail to personalize these conditions. The philosopher must ask how they might endure such horror within the constructs of their “life system.” This cannot be an objective question; it must be a subjective question. One must get near the trauma or, at the very least, experience it within their mind.

Let (x) represent the kidnapping, molestation and torture of our own child. The variable (x) is offensive. Indeed, most of us can hardly bear to dwell on such a scenario. However, it is foolish to ignore the possible intensities within our life system and thus prescribe operations for its norms only. Our philosophy must be stress-tested.


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