On Sustaining Velocity in the Purchase Process

On Sustaining Velocity in the Purchase Process

Posted on:Dec 11 2014
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

The value proposition begins as an abstract concept, but the moment it is engaged by the prospect it enters the time-space continuum. It moves from “thing” to predicate. At this moment (pun intended), time becomes a key element. The value proposition’s force is sustained by velocity. This principle can be understood with four simple observations:

1. At various points in the micro-yes series we may have difficulty adjusting the force of the value proposition so that the perceived value outweighs the perceived cost. This is because of business rules and/or various constraints.

2. The key is to build enough forward momentum from the previous series of micro yes(s) so that the prospect will “roll on” through these potential “chokepoints.”

3. Now, if we aggregate too many of these chokepoints, or if we embed a chokepoint with too much constriction, purchase progress stops.

4. The momentum is initiated by the value proposition, but it is mitigated by the friction of the process.

At MECLABS, we have pioneered a fundamental understanding of the micro-yes/conversion sequence, but we need to account for the importance of velocity in the purchase process.


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