On Testing and the Pragmatic Resolve

On Testing and the Pragmatic Resolve

Posted on:Mar 05 2013
Captured by:Flint M

There is room in our understanding of philosophical challenges for a pragmatic resolve. This is especially true of our work within MECLABS, as it relates to Offer-Response Optimization. At the conclusion of any test, its outcome may be questioned.

First of all, one may question the final result, especially the validity of the number sets. Even in those cases where we reach a sufficient confidence level, the underlying theory of probability may be questioned (much less this individual expression of it). Secondly, we may challenge the way the test was designed – even the framing of the hypotheses.

But in a world of diminishing opportunities, there is a place for a pragmatic resolve. One may question the experiment and its conclusions forever, but this is hardly practical. And while the very concept, “practicality”, is often scorned by academics, it is valued by practitioners. Practitioners are practical.

The functional question is only this: Have we achieved a meaningful result? Indeed, a meaningful result can lead to a useful decision. And in many cases, this may be enough.

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