On the 21 Principles of Leadership practiced by ServiceMaster

On the 21 Principles of Leadership practiced by ServiceMaster

Posted on:Sep 28 2008
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I think I can learn from Bill Pollard’s work. His company’s four primary objectives are these:

  1. To honor God in all we do
  2. To help people develop
  3. To pursue excellence
  4. To grow profitably

The 21 principles of leadership practiced by ServiceMaster are worth considering. Which ones are particularly applicable now?

  1. We are opportunity seekers, not entitlement takers. We create and we earn. We cannot afford to sit and inherit.
  2. We are value driven and performance oriented.
  3. We eat our own cooking. We bet the egg money on our own performance.
  4. We train and run for both the sprint and the marathon. We rest, have fun, never quit, and always seek to learn.
  5. We plan for succession and develop our future leaders.
  6. The truth of what we say is told by what we do. “If you don’t live it, you don’t believe it.”
  7. If we cannot serve and sell with a passion for excellence, we cannot lead.
  8. We believe in what we sell and deliver.
  9. As we provide extraordinary service, we bring value-added to the customer that cannot be duplicated.
  10. There are no friendly competitors.
  11. We believe in a lean and disciplined organization. We would rather buy a grand piano than employ or assign one unnecessary person.
  12. We pay based on performance and promote based on potential, not belief, tenure, gender, race, or friendships.
  13. Those who produce the profits should share in the profits. Those who produce more should share more.
  14. We make and beat budgets.
  15. We seek to know and increase our market share so that we can grow and increase the profitability and value of our business. If we ignore our market share, we run the risk of losing our market and our business.
  16. When we are wrong or fail, we admit it. Truth cannot be compromised. We report on what has occurred or is anticipated, not on what will make us look good.
  17. We promote others, not ourselves. We shoot against par.
  18. We must have a spirit of independence without the malady of autonomy.
  19. The customer comes first and should be our friend.
  20. We are all prisoners of our hope. It is our hope that sustains us, and it is our vision for what could be that inspires us and those we lead. “Don’t doubt in the dark what you have seen in the light.”
  21. We have all been created in God’s image, and the results of our leadership will be measured beyond the workplace. The story will be told in the changed lives of people.

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