On the Arrow of Time

On the Arrow of Time

Posted on:Apr 19 2016
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

I am fascinated by Eddington’s reference to the Arrow of Time. Moreover, I am fascinated by translating its application from physics, (particle, quantum, radioactivity, etc.) to philosophy. I am reminded of Augustine’s view of the present tense. How can one contemplate the present tense? The Arrow of Time does not pause for reflection. The future represents an unknown, and the past supposedly represents a known. But in point of fact, both are unknowable.

For the Chinese, the day before yesterday is called the front day, while the day after tomorrow is called behind day. The Arrow of Time is understood as a function of irreversibility. But such notions are dependent on some kind of solid past. In reality, we can neither be sure of the past nor the future. We are helpless. Grace is our only hope.

Bibliography: A.S. Eddington, The Nature of the Physical World, Cambridge: The Ferris Printing Company, 1928.


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