On the Connection between Physicality and Spirituality

On the Connection between Physicality and Spirituality

Posted on:Mar 18 2010
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I’m writing again on the connection between the physicality and my theology. I cannot seem to escape reflection on this topic. The deeper I pursue my understanding of God, the more I appreciate the gift of the physical. My enemy is not my flesh, though in much of the church the term “flesh” has developed a (completely) negative connotation — ‘The Flesh’ has become synonymous with the sin nature. But the two are not identical.

I am not the first theologian to recognize this point. Nevertheless, its truth impacts me in layers of profundity, and as it does so, I recognize how ungrateful I have been. We take for granted the inherent beauty of life. I do not want to hold back anymore. I want to enjoy, in purity, the living. I feel closer to God, as I sink deeper into the present-tense reality of my existence.

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