On the Danger of Striving to Be the Best

On the Danger of Striving to Be the Best

Posted on:Oct 08 2007
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This morning, in prayer, I recognized the danger of striving to “be the best.” It has been in my thinking for as long as I can recall. I have thought that in key areas I should strive to be the very best. This is problematic.

I am not saying this goal is entirely wrong, but I see how it can distort one’s service. First of all, it is self-centered. It can make one dissatisfied with everything else and everything that is secondary. It is as if nothing counts but those activities that enable one to be the best. Such thinking makes it difficult to do those things that are necessary, but which are not necessarily primary.

It matters not that I am the best. It matters that I have heard and that I have obeyed the King. He has not called me to lay down everything but my desire for absolute significance. He has called me to lay down everything.


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