On the Danger of Unifying the Physical and the Spiritual

On the Danger of Unifying the Physical and the Spiritual

Posted on:Mar 30 2010
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In the connection between the physical and the spiritual, I have said that the two must be unified. They should be synonymous, but it is important here to know the danger. I have been living this danger. There is a knife edge, from which one may fall off easily when one pursues this truth. Recovering an appreciation for the physical, even for the beauty of the gift itself, leaves one open to the cravings of the physical. These cravings themselves are beautiful when ordered properly. But sin comes in a way that uses the cravings to create separation. This can be a separation between one and God, a man and his wife, or a man and his family. Clearly, this problem has sexual connotations, but it is not limited to sex.

If one vigorously pursues this transcendence that results in unity, one must also be on high alert. The enemy can use this righteous pursuit to destroy a man. Does this mean that a man should yield up the battle, ignore the physical, and live within the spiritual abstract? Absolutely not. Death takes many forms. I will have none of them.

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