On the Death of Josh White

On the Death of Josh White

Posted on:Oct 08 2007
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Everyone of course is quick to point out that we did all that we could do for Josh. And it is true that his ministry in India impacted his life. And it is true that he accepted Christ and repented, while he was in India. And it is true that he helped many children. But it is also true that I could have done more for Josh.

I do not want his parents to carry any regrets and I am not judging what they could have done or what they should have done. I can only look at my own life. I did not do all that I could. And I will not medicate my conscience with religious platitudes. I should have acted quicker to help Josh get out of this town and into a good college where he would be surrounded with strong positive influences. I could have contacted him Tuesday, even though he was supposed to call me first. I could have responded to the sense I had inside that told me his time was short. I could have taken specific time beyond the work I did with him to address the negative spiritual influence in his life. I should have helped him get freedom.

The point of all this consideration is distinct. I am not looking to wallow in self pity. I am not looking to wallow in self-condemnation. I am only looking to face the truth. I must examine my life; for while it is too late to help Josh, it is not too late to help others.

Who else can I help? What else can I do?


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