On the Development of One’s Operating System for Life

On the Development of One’s Operating System for Life

Posted on:Jul 16 2014
Captured by:David J

Life needs an operating system and this system begins with three essential questions: If one does not begin with the right questions, then the conclusions that follow, regardless of how cogent they seem, may be fundamentally flawed.

1. What are the right questions?

2. What are my limitations in answering these questions?

3. What shall I do in the face of these limitations

Question two will force one to consider the bitter realities of the human condition. It also demonstrates our inadequacy in the face of our essential metaphysics. Question three will eventually consider the adoption of a technical response to our limitations in “knowing.” One may analyze the works of the great thinkers within the construct of these three questions. Bertrand Russell, for instance, offers one response, while Kierkegaard represents another. The point of my work is not simply to answer a question, but to raise the right questions. 


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