On the Difference between a “Good” Decision and a “Right” Decision

On the Difference between a “Good” Decision and a “Right” Decision

Posted on:Feb 19 2013
Captured by:Paul C
Method:Previous Writings

Ultimate truth is beyond our grasp. We may not be able to discover absolute answers, but this does not stop or prevent us from making important decisions. We all must stake our life. Thus, understanding the decision process is at least as important as grasping to understand the answer. We may never achieve the answer, but we could discover the best way of deciding between possibilities.

A good decision does not guarantee a desirable outcome. “Good”, in this sense, describes a right process. The right process does not always produce the “good” outcome. We need to parse the difference. As I continue to discover my limitations, it becomes more important to me to reflect on my decisions. I may not make the right decision, but I would like to make a good decision.

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