On the Difference between “Genius” and “Transcendent Genius”

On the Difference between “Genius” and “Transcendent Genius”

Posted on:Jul 17 2013
Captured by:Austin M

The concept “genius” must be separated from the concept “transcendent genius”. There is a genius associated with the brilliant mind that manifests itself in eclectic ways so that people find the person to be eccentric. It is sort of a stereotypical genius. But transcendent genius is that man who has tamed his eccentricity and appears to be somewhat ordinary. This genius often is disguised in the trappings of stable leadership.

It is all very well and good for Professor Einstein to be awe-inspiring, but the leader, regardless of his intelligence, must exude a certain stability in order to aggregate the trust of his team. The genius which disguises himself is that transcendent genius, which defies the stereotype. I suspect some of the greatest geniuses in history are those whom we hardly detect. We do not remember them for their great thinking; we remember them for their great achievements.

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