On the Difference Between Honesty and Truth

On the Difference Between Honesty and Truth

Posted on:Oct 22 2011
Captured by:David J

Elsewhere I have written that ultimate truth is unobtainable by the incipient. I am incipient. I am limited. I am not suggesting that ultimate truth cannot, in some form, be manifested to me. I am stating that I am unable to obtain it on my own. I have considered that there is a difference between personal honesty and ultimate truth. Personal honesty is more possible than ultimate truth. I am not suggesting that personal honesty is easy. In fact, self-deception is the enemy, and personal honesty may be one of the hardest of all objectives.

Still, while ultimate truth is beyond my reach, personal honesty is within my potential. I know others might counter that I can never be certain that my version of honesty is accurate, and that my own warrant contradicts this simple premise. This could be true. Still, I find personal honesty to be a more worthy objective than ultimate truth. Indeed, I would suggest the only way I might obtain some form of ultimate truth (with the movement of the ultimate in my direction) is through personal honesty. If there is a God (I believe there is) and he is speaking, then it is cogent to believe that he is speaking to me in the most honest element of my essence.


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