On the Difference between Truth and Inspiration

On the Difference between Truth and Inspiration

Posted on:Apr 03 2013
Captured by:Flint M

One must be careful to distinguish between truth and inspiration. What many, especially those with an attraction to spirituality, do is read an anecdote, find it inspiring, but confuse it with evidence. An anecdote does not make an argument. In most cases, what is offered to me as proof is mere inspiration.

When I use the word “mere”, I don’t mean to denigrate inspiration. It is, in its own right, one of the prime drivers of human achievement. I suspect we underestimate it rather than overestimate it. I expect in many cases we look for proof, when what we truly need is inspiration.

I also suspect, in many cases, we have found proof that did not serve as inspiration, while in some cases, insignificant evidence has fostered significant inspiration. The important point here is to parse the difference between the two: Evidence suggests what I should do; inspiration helps me want to do it.


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