On the Essential Questions That Define the Direction of Life

On the Essential Questions That Define the Direction of Life

Posted on:Feb 22 2016
Captured by:Flint M

As I ponder those essential questions that each human being might want to consider, I find I have to express my way into the answer. The irony is that the answer itself can take the form of two more questions. 1) As a human being, what are my limitations? 2) How does the possibility of a transcendent being, unrestricted by these limitations, impact the way I should live my life?

With regards to question one: I am a finite being. I am insipient. I cannot be certain (in the absolute sense). I am terminal. I cannot be certain that I exist beyond death. In effect, I do not think I can know for sure, and there is much that I cannot do, and soon enough I may not be able to know or do anything.

With regards to question two: In the absence of an ultimate answer, I still must make essential decisions. These decisions have to do with the meaning, thus the purpose, and thus the values of my life. How do I set my internal compass? Is it possible that the ultimate exists (in some form that may transcend my understanding of existence)? How shall I live my life in view of this possibility? What if the ultimate is uninvolved? What if the ultimate is evil? What if the ultimate is good?


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