On the Focus of my Energies

On the Focus of my Energies

Posted on:Jul 23 2008
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What is the most effective way to focus my energies? Sometimes I struggle with the tension between general management and personal contribution. It is very difficult for me to determine whether I should focus all of my efforts on management. I need to discipline myself and focus on the area that will produce the highest yield.

It seems apparent that management is the best way to achieve the most. Nevertheless, I notice that my personal contribution, in terms of thinking and innovation, drives most of our current success.

So how can I allocate my energies now? Underneath all of these questions is a growing realization that I need to focus deeper on the MECLABS group of companies.

While on the surface they seem instrumental to the end, somehow on a deeper level their importance feels more primary. Accepting this point will require me to lay down my own vision for means of achieving my calling.

I grow increasingly convinced that one can achieve significant ministry aims by focusing on the ordinary acts of service, instead of just building a company. In itself, it hardly seems like the ultimate way forward. Nevertheless the ultimate way is hidden in such mundane frameworks.

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