On the Implications of a Stimulated Response

On the Implications of a Stimulated Response

Posted on:Sep 11 2014
Captured by:David J

One must be aware of the implications of a stimulated response. This seems self-apparent; indeed, it is necessary for a response to have a stimulus. However, I am referring to stimulus in the form of some external element, such as a lecture or a book.

We sometimes take up these choices as if the book or lecture were incidental, when indeed they are accidental. The very fact that they are accidental calls into question the purity of the resulting action. We all seem to feel better if we view our responses as deliberate actions. Indeed, there is comfort in viewing our effects as causes. This gives us a false sense of independence, but it obscures the truth and keeps us from understanding that our first (right) choice is to choose our stimuli.

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