On the Importance of the Decision Process over the Decision Outcome

On the Importance of the Decision Process over the Decision Outcome

Posted on:Feb 26 2015
Captured by:Paul C
Method:Previous Writings

Our purpose minded programming predisposes us to focus on outcome instead of process. This is particularly true of the decision cycle. Decision-makers need tools. Too much focus on the decision itself can keep you from developing an accurate tool.

Consider a man estimating the weight of three similar looking objects. He may form theory after theory as to which object weighs the most. This theorizing can become an industry (hence the birth of academia). There is fodder for constant debate. There may be three camps: Those who believe the heaviest object is only A or only B or only C.

Then there are the compound camps: those who believe object A and B weigh the same, or some other hybrid possibility. Then you have anti-camps: those who question whether the objects weigh at all, or who protest the act of questioning what the objects weigh, etc., ad nauseam.

All this focus on the end distorts the importance of the means. The best way to resolve the debate is to develop a tool that can accurately weigh each object. I know that ends are ultimately important, but I fear that we have lost the significance of means. Furthermore, I fear that we have artificially separated the two and created a sort of mechanistic dualism.


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