On the Internal Source of My Observations

On the Internal Source of My Observations

Posted on:Aug 08 2009
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As I reflect on the process of which my observations are developed, certain points become clear. First of all, some observations are stimulated by an external circumstance. Something I receive with the five senses generates a line of thought or a series of thoughts, which eventually become an observation.

These happen throughout the day but despite the prolific amount of observations in my database, I am still not able to report many of these and I wonder what I could achieve if I could capture at least most of them.

There is another source of observations. This occurs when I deliberately set down a moment to reflect or write. I find that the intention, even though arbitary, stimulates fascinating thought.

In consideration of these two sources, I might want to make changes in my system. In either case, I am not certain that my observations will help anyone. They are a help to me, as I am able to search them and use them for my future writing.

Because many of them are dictated, they do not represent quality prose. This point disturbs me, but if I lay down my ego, then I am able to get past it. In the end, the observations are a way for me to have a mental snapshot of an important thought that I may want to reference later. I am grateful for the technology that makes it possible.

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