On the Limitations of Religious Survival Kits

On the Limitations of Religious Survival Kits

Posted on:Nov 29 2012
Captured by:Paul C

Some of us have adopted a truth package. Religion merchandises a variety of these packages. They are convenient and thus attractive. Like any package, they provide a whole answer in exchange for a single action. It is like purchasing a survival kit. It is easy, fast, and “complete”.

There is a problem, however. When you find yourself in a crises, and you open this kit, it turns out you have some items you don’t need and you need some items you don’t have. I was raised in the Canadian Bush. I was trained to carry a survival kit everywhere. But I learned long ago that it was best to pack my own kit. In life, religion will offer you a survival kit, but if you accept the entire package you may find yourself in a crisis — without the essentials you need to survive.

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