On the Metaphysics of Worship

On the Metaphysics of Worship

Posted on:Aug 22 2008
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I find it difficult to articulate the concept that has been growing within me for many years. Nevertheless, I will at least try to suggest it. Perhaps this will help me articulate it at a later point.

It seems as though much of what we consider the aims of our present activities; i.e.,the accumulation of knowledge, the solving of a problem, the building of an organization, etc.) are illusionary in that most of these will pass away and derive little intrinsic significance. What is the value of my accumulated knowledge after I have passed from this life?

The same could be said of writing. I wonder if one would likely be able to express Being as worship. This would then flow through too much of our other work: Theology as worship, enterprise as worship, etc. To me, this is more than speculation. I am experiencing a phenomenon which defies words. Somehow when I relate worship intentionality with my present tense activity, the entire experience changes. I must press in deeper.

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