On the Natural Selfishness of Leaders

On the Natural Selfishness of Leaders

Posted on:Nov 14 2016
Captured by:Austin M
Method:Previous Writings

Leaders are inherently selfish. Their first reaction is almost always self-centered. I believe it is difficult to prevent this problem. I do not judge a leader by his first reaction, but rather by his second. The second reaction should come quickly and should be generous. The second reaction requires rigorous discipline.

I do not mind that a leader is self-seeking. It is part of what motivates them. I mind when a leader does not discipline this instinct with a profound generosity. Over the years, I think I have deceived myself. I thought that my instinct was to be generous and giving. I think now my first reaction remains selfish but is sometimes followed by a second, more appropriate, reaction. I wish I could eliminate the first. I do not know how.


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  1. Timothy Watson says:

    This is a gut honest transparency shedding light on not only leaders but most everyone. It must be the Spirit of God given progressively more control through the discipline of yielding to Him otherwise carnal fleshly legalism deceives into thinking that the flesh can be held in check by flesh(Romans 6, Gal.5:6)

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