On the Notion that Theology Informs Philosophy

On the Notion that Theology Informs Philosophy

Posted on:Apr 13 2010
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It would seem that theology has lost its appeal to the average person, but it also seems that philosophy has not. Books on philosophy proliferate today. Eastern philosophy has experienced a revival in the U.S. Most of these modern enthusiasts do not know of the day when philosophy and theology were considered the same.

We need to help such people discover the beauty of theology today. The academy hardly allows us to consider theology and philosophy as a united discipline. But we may be able to promote theology in place of philosophy.

I believe that theology informs philosophy. There may be a way to resurrect theology for the sake of the average believer. I am focused on bringing theology to the life of leadership, but wonder if somehow, some way, someone might help stimulate a new love of this discipline/practice for the ordinary person.

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