On the Opposite of Certainty

On the Opposite of Certainty

Posted on:Oct 25 2008
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What is the antonym for certainty? Is it uncertainty? I do not think so, because certainty represents an absolute state, but uncertainty represents a measured (perhaps fluctuating) state. Is the opposite of certainty not being certain?

I am not sure either because this is only another way to express a kind of partial certainty. Thus, there is no clear opposite condition. Let’s apply this thinking to a particular:

One might be certain that Jesus is the Son of God or one might be uncertain that Jesus is the Son of God. It seems that if one were absolutely uncertain that Jesus is the Son of God, then one is actually certain that He is not. In this case, rather than discovering the opposite of certainty, we have just considered two extreme polls within the same concept. I could go on, but suffice to say, I am certain that I am uncertain about the nature of certainty.

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