On the Transcendence of Worship as Enabler of Sanity

On the Transcendence of Worship as Enabler of Sanity

Posted on:Oct 22 2008
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Throughout the mental meanderings that characterize my soul search, and throughout my interest in everything from XEL Defense to Offer Response Optimization, I find my soul returning over and over again to the notion of each of these efforts/engagements as worship engagement. It is this single understanding which prevents me from overload.

Reality defies classification. In my attempt to fit all pieces in some kind of whole, I experience great distress. At times this distress is dangerous. But when I let go of my need to become or know and focus on the Knower, when I intentionally engage in worship as I explore, everything changes. I work not from anguish but from exultation. There is a kind of pervasive joy that powers my activity.

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