On the Transferability of Management Expertise

On the Transferability of Management Expertise

Posted on:Aug 13 2014
Captured by:Flint M
Method:Previous Writings

Some managers transcend a given company or industry. They are able to move from one organization to another and still effect significant growth. What is different about these leaders? I have pondered this issue and I have some initial observations. I might be able to summarize their unique giftings with these words: absorption, identification, and alignment.


I have noticed that these transcendent leaders have an unusual ability to synthesize the key elements of an organization. They have a voracious appetite to learn.


They are also able to identify the prime movers for the organization’s success (this is easier said than done). They quickly acquire a set of “instincts.” And they are able to transfer those instincts into a certain kind of knowing – a knowing as to what really matters the most.


Having absorbed the key information and then having identified the prime movers, they are able to achieve alignment, focusing the efforts of the entire organization behind these prime movers.

Very few executives ever reach this level of management.


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