On the Two Dyads at the Heart of Value Exchange

On the Two Dyads at the Heart of Value Exchange

Posted on:Apr 06 2015
Captured by:Paul C
Method:Previous Writings

When expressed as a noun, the offer feels too static. The offer is action, and the action is communication. The efficacy of this speech act is determined by two essential dyads. The first is grounded in the communication itself, the second is grounded in the satisfaction/value itself. The first dyad should be expressed in states to give it a noun/name is insufficient.

The business communicates in a way that results in two states on the part of the customer. The first is I understand it, and the second is I believe it. These two states form the communication dyad of the offer. The satisfaction/value-based dyad is also communicated in states. The first is I want it, and the second is I can’t get it anywhere else. These four states are at the very heart of value exchange. All four represent conclusions on the part of the prospect/customer. The work of the business is not to make a claim but to stimulate a conclusion.


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