On the Ultimate as Revitalized Soma

On the Ultimate as Revitalized Soma

Posted on:Sep 20 2010
Captured by:David J

Elsewhere I have written on the difference between the conditions of the incipient and the ultimate. This condition reflects my extreme limits. Once one recognizes that uncertainty is the hallmark of the incipient, then one may ask, what is the point of questing for truth? It is a valid question. I cannot ever be certain I have acquired truth. I am not certain that I can be certain-even after the ultimate has communicated proof to me in the form of a revitalized soma. Even if I were to gain this glorified body, as promised in the scripture I would still be incipient. Even if I became immortal I would still be incipient. I do not believe, though I cannot be certain, that I will never be ultimate. This means that while I may have more assuredness, I will not have that particular state of certainty. The implications are remarkable. For one, I must question the whole notion of certainty and its value. But, for the purpose of this observation, I must ask, what is the point of seeking truth?

The only value in seeking truth lies in the hope that truth will seek you, perhaps in response to your seeking. One does not have to hold a Christian viewpoint to realize this point. In this way, the process of seeking truth could be as important as the result. We do not reflect enough on the implications of our limited existence.

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