On the Unfolding of My Main Research/Reflection Project

On the Unfolding of My Main Research/Reflection Project

Posted on:Jul 22 2008
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It feels as though there is culmination coming. I pray to God that this is true. It provides a divine kind of ultimate simplicity. It seems as though an understanding of worship itself is at the heart of the matter. I can envision writing a philosophy of worship.

This piece would naturally involve an understanding of “Ultimate Authority and Submission.” I can foresee its intellectual impact. I am interested, also, in a theology of worship. While the pieces could be identical, and in some sense they would have to be, I think I can make a reasonable demarcation. I think that quite apart from scripture, one might come to the moment of ultimate “awe and yield” in an act of worship. It would seem however that almost all of my work could be grouped under this theme of worship.

The more I reflect, the more revelation I receive, the more I realize the impact of this thinking. I cannot express its personal profundity here; it will take time. Nevertheless, something significant in my life has occurred. I am grateful beyond words.

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