On Unfolding Story and the Experience of the Moment

On Unfolding Story and the Experience of the Moment

Posted on:Feb 26 2016
Captured by:Paul C
Method:Previous Writings

Life is a series of present-tense instances which become past-tense the moment we perceive them. For this very reason, it is easy to lose context. I think there is a way to live which brings more meaning to the passage of these moments. I think we can live within the context of story.

There is a state that I sometimes approach, where I can feel my “moment” the way it would look as if I were reading about it or watching it. I become conscious of the unfolding story of which I am a part. I know that there are intellectuals that have an anti-story mindset, but I am not one of these. I think human beings resolve reality through story.

For me, being conscious of my unfolding story and where I am within the natural plotline changes the way I experience the moment.


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