On Words as the Expression of an Illusion

On Words as the Expression of an Illusion

Posted on:Jun 22 2016
Captured by:David J
Method:Previous Writings

I am fascinated by the subtleties of conversation. The more words, the less meaning. I have observed that conversation sets down a sort of outline, with each subsequent word shading in the details. At the end, there is an image, but more often than not, it is not a true image.

Words are not expressions of a reality; words are expressions of an illusion. Those concepts which are most real cannot be captured by words. The moment one employs a word, we attach an artificial, though sometimes useful, meaning.

I am a communicator. I speak often. However, I think I could achieve more by listening more. I have watched how words are used to color-in a distorted image and even reshape it. Somehow, I find it difficult to combine all of the utterances into a whole that feels real. This is true of my words and of others’.


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