On Worship and Surfing (from My Son’s Journal)

On Worship and Surfing (from My Son’s Journal)

Posted on:Sep 06 2008
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Quin’s (My 13-Year Old Son’s) Journal Note

“I realize now why I like to surf. It’s in those few moments of pure adrenaline and the sheerest intensity that we find, fleeting as it may be, a temporary reprieve from all worries of this world. I find it absolutely impossible for me or anyone else to possibly worry in those moments. That is what we can live for. And it’s in those moments we should seize the opportunity to enter in the purest of worship. Because it’s only when we are not worrying about all the things of this life that we can truly appreciate it. God put those moments there for a reason. He gave us an opportunity and we would be selfish not to try and seize it. THAT is what we can live for…”

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