On Porter’s Concept of Tradeoffs

On Porter’s Concept of Tradeoffs

Posted on:Aug 01 2011
Captured by:David J

For some years I have noted the importance of tradeoffs. Only recently have I read Porter’s work on strategy. I find its emphasis on tradeoffs to be critical. I have also noticed that his distinction between operational effectiveness and strategic position is parallel to my own view. I have emphasized, since the days of the XEL-DEFENSE, that strategy is better than skill. In reading Porter’s work, I have clarified my own position, but I have also been further stimulated by his thoughts. I recognize that I need to accept the need to do tradeoffs in my own personal interests, such as my writings, etc.

Philosophically, the notion of tradeoffs squares with my understanding of what it means to be an incipient, limited being. It is precisely because of our limitations that we must make these choices.

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