2017 MarketingSherpa Summit: The Prospect’s Perception Gap

2017 MarketingSherpa Summit: The Prospect’s Perception Gap

People challenged with a claim naturally resist it. But people who arrive at a conclusion will naturally defend it.

In this session, Flint McGlaughlin, Founder and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute (parent research organization of MarketingSherpa), shared the levers you can pull to help your customers arrive at the right conclusions about your brand.

McGlaughlin integrates case studies around value proposition and branding from almost 20 years of consumer behavior research to help marketers and business leaders discover how to rethink how they communicate their brand while marketers will learn to transform the messaging of any piece of marketing collateral to, ultimately, improve results by replacing promises with expectations and claims with conclusions.

Filmed at the 2017 MarketingSherpa Summit

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