How to Create a Model of Your Customer’s Mind

How to Create a Model of Your Customer’s Mind

❗This replay begins @ 0:47

Download a PDF copy (in two sizes) of the Infographic – How to Create a Model of Your Customer’s Mind:…

When Flint McGlaughlin taught about customer theory and how to build a predictive model of your customer’s mind, many people found it helpful and asked for the video replay. But there was a technical error.

So in our next YouTube Live, Flint will reteach the session but in an even more compelling fashion – the session will be built around a giant graphic that outlines every key piece while incorporating it all into a single coherent picture.

Join us live as Flint challenges the typical marketing campaign paradigm with a radical new way of directing your marketing energy. Discover the three most important factors you need to truly build an effective customer theory. And email us ( your webpage for a chance to get live optimization suggestions from Flint and the community of your marketeering peers who attend this session.

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