How To Test A Headline

How To Test A Headline

It’s happening in companies across the world as we speak… the highest paid person’s opinion (HiPPO) wins the day in the marketing department.

But does the person with the higher title and the higher salary always understand which headline (or PPC ad or landing page copy) will convert the highest?

From our previous testing, we’ve found the answer is a resounding…NO!

In this case, our own CEO and Managing Director, Flint McGlaughlin, was humble enough to allow us to share a headline test from our own labs where one of the headlines he suggested was beaten by a junior editorial analyst.

As Flint has said, “There are no expert marketers, only experienced testers.”

Watch to see the entire test unfold, and get some ideas for how you can use your own headline tests, both the winners and losers, to learn about your customers.

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