#2 Landing Page Creation and Optimization: 6 key questions to prepare the marketer

#2 Landing Page Creation and Optimization: 6 key questions to prepare the marketer

This video episode is part of Session #2 from the online course “Become a Marketer-Philosopher: Create and optimize high-converting webpages” – https://meclabs.com/course/

You can see resources related to this video at https://MECLABS.com/FastClass02

Our goal in creating this course is to provide you the definitive guide to converting high-converting landing pages.

In Session #2, Flint McGlaughlin, Founder, MECLABS Institute arms you with a checklist to ensure your landing page serves the user and, ultimately, helps you achieve results for the business (you can download The Marketer’s Mindset Checklist at https://MECLABS.com/FastClass02). The course is fully underwritten by MECLABS, with no cost to participants.

In this session, Flint shares:

• Three essential keys for developing high-converting webpages
• The key to transformative marketing
• How to create a well-crafted webpage
• How much of your webpage elements you should focus on a single objective
• What it takes to build a well-crafted webpage

You can watch the full video above, or jump ahead to these key takeaways:

00:00 Landing Page Creation and Optimization: 6 key questions to prepare the marketer
01:33 Discover three essential keys for developing high converting web pages.
02:04 40 minutes of learning in less than 10 minutes.
04:25 The key to transformative marketing is a transformed marketer.
04:37 You must think through the customer’s perspective; see through their eyes.
05:31 Your webpage is a conversation and it should flow.
05:37 We do not optimize web pages; we optimize the sequence of thought.
05:58 Beware of “Design by Committee”
06:21 70 percent of a pages elements should be focused in a single objective.
06:47 For an in-depth discussion, check out the Podcast.
06:49 MECLABS.com/FastClass02
07:25 A well-crafted webpage is just the articulation of a well-crafted hypothesis.
07:52 People don’t buy from websites; people buy from people
09:10 F.McGlaughlin@MECLABS.com
09:18 MECLABS.com/FastClass

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To get immediate help with your marketing challenges and reach more potential customers, just contact Flint and his team at this email address: F.McGlaughlin@MECLABS.com

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