Live Stream Application Session – Maximize Webpage Conversion: Four essential ways to prepare yourself

Live Stream Application Session – Maximize Webpage Conversion: Four essential ways to prepare yourself

In this Application Session for Sessions #1, #2, and #3, Flint McGlaughlin helps prepare the marketer to apply proven conversion rate optimization tactics to their websites and in all their marketing.

Originally aired as a live, interactive session, you can watch the replay to see the Founder of MECLABS Institute show marketers and entrepreneurs how to build the right mindset for success.

Below we have listed some of the most important insights from this application session:

0:00 Intro and welcome
1:46 Lead generation landing page experiments
29:38 Live optimization of Agency Intelligence blog archives (a digital marketing agency)
36:14 Your objective is your compass
41:30 Live optimization of Legaljobs landing page for “The Most Prominent Sports Law Jobs in 2021” (a recruitment platform for legal professionals and law firms)
52:34 Live optimization of ScragglePop Kettlecorn homepage (an ecommerce website for a retailer that also has brick-and-mortar locations)
55:41 Learn to analyze every single word in your headline and ask yourself – “How is that word giving meaning, relevant meaning, to the prospective customer?”
59:24 Company, you are not the subject. You are the object. The customer is the subject.
1:01:31 Live optimization of Internet Raiders website (an SEO agency)
1:04:45 Are we confusing the means with the end? I don’t want your deliverables. I want results. Don’t paper my walls with your PowerPoint presentations. Paper my bank account.

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