Quick Win Clinic – Episode 21: Conversation Rate Optimization

Quick Win Clinic – Episode 21: Conversation Rate Optimization

Most customers are already jaded from broken promises made by marketers. Learn how to get through to them by building trust through your landing page to get that final macro-yes, or conversion, in this Quick Win Clinic.

The best quotes from this Quick Win Clinic:

  • “We must move into an ‘add, remove, change mindset’ … ultimately the real question is not, ‘how do I change a site?’ it is not, ‘how do I get a higher conversion rate?’; it is, what should I add, remove, or change?’
  • “If you have people coming [to your page] who have not truly gone through the sequence of thought that they need to achieve a macro-yes … then the first thing you’ve done is wasted half of your page asking me to take an action I am not ready for …”
  • “Here is the problem: we are spending too much of our page trying to look trendy, and trying to look like other websites …”
  • “The goal of the site is to get a yes, and to get ‘the right yes,’ and you don’t get that yes by rushing people to a decision they are not ready for …”



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