The High-Performance Landing Page: 3 ways to maximize conversion with the power of coherence

The High-Performance Landing Page: 3 ways to maximize conversion with the power of coherence

Too much of what modern marketers call conversion optimization is simply chasing random good ideas. Put a few things in a splitter, run an A/B test, and see what comes out.

How can you move from the low-probability performance of good ideas to the high-probability performance of strategic messaging?

In under an hour, Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute, will teach three advanced principles to help achieve strategic messaging and overcome these deadly conversion mistakes:
• Pages before hypotheses
• Diagnosis without prescription
• Creativity without science

If you would like your landing pages or other marketing to be considered for live optimization – on-the-spot analysis with Flint sharing how to improve conversion during the session – send it to us at

Here are some key points in the video:
4:20 Beware of building a landing page before you develop a hypothesis.
4:43 Beware of diagnosing the problem in your funnel without providing a prescription
7:56 Beware of creativity without science
10:00 How can you move from good ideas to strategic messaging?
16:16 1st way: Understand the transition from diagnosis to prescription
17:32 2nd way: Work from the customer’s point of view rather than a sense of talent
21:12 Martin Buber and the concept of “the other”
23:16 Live optimization – Nursing program
27:32 Tracking customer footprints- Ask yourself what stimulated the last behavior that led them to your landing page.
38:15 3rd way: Move from elements to coherence-Thomas S. Kuhn
41:45 Testing webpages – Variable Cluster explanation and advice
47:27 Three questions to ask yourself to get your page in the high-performance zone

Learn more from Flint with a MECLABS online marketing course. Courses include certification in
• Online Testing
• Value Proposition Development
• Landing Page Optimization
• Email Messaging Optimization

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