Why 80% of the Words on Our Webpages Are Wrong (Part 1): Learn the #1 key to high-converting copy

Why 80% of the Words on Our Webpages Are Wrong (Part 1): Learn the #1 key to high-converting copy

If we use all the grand words we can conjure up about our products, will customers believe them? Will those words increase the likelihood of conversion? Or, more likely, will they instill in customers an instinctive pushback against being convinced (manipulated?) to take an action?

In this YouTube Live session, Flint McGlaughlin, CEO and Managing Director, MECLABS Institute (parent research organization of MarketingExperiments), teaches a new way to think about the role of marketing.

In this series, you will learn:
• How to draw on the power of implication to win key positions in the mind
• The advantage of aiming at conclusions rather than forcing claims
• Six common copywriting mistakes on our webpages and strategies to avoid them
• Essential elements that ease the customer through the organic friction in your process
• How to ease the transition from micro-yes to micro-yes so that you achieve the ultimate yes (and win a customer)
• How to build hidden equity in your business by harnessing expectation

Here are some key points in the video:
1:13 Nathalie Birli’s word choice caused her captor to let her go
11:42 Three ways to establish rapport with your website visitors
21:01 How marketing influences choice
25:46 Why you should invert the funnel analogy
31:03 A slide illustrating strategy for influencing choice
33:00 Live optimization – marketing services provider
41:40 Live optimization – inn/motel in the mountains
48:09 Live optimization – nonprofit event

If you would like your marketing to be considered for live optimization – on-the-spot analysis with Flint sharing how to improve conversion during the session – send it to us at info@meclabs.com.

Learn more from Flint with a MECLABS online marketing course.
Courses include certification in
• Online Testing
• Value Proposition Development
• Landing Page Optimization
• Email Messaging Optimization

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