Why 80% of the Words on Our Webpages Are Wrong (Part 2): 6 common copywriting errors

Why 80% of the Words on Our Webpages Are Wrong (Part 2): 6 common copywriting errors

In Part 2 of our series on high-converting copy, Flint McGlaughlin shares six common but deadly mistakes copywriters make on webpages. He gives strategies to correct those errors and teaches viewers how to ease the customer through organic friction in the buy process. (You can view part 1 here: https://meclabs.com/high-converting-copy)

If you would like your marketing to be considered for live optimization – on-the-spot analysis with Flint sharing how to improve conversion during the session – send it to us at info@meclabs.com.

Here are some key points in the video:
1:17 Our video producer’s puppy visits the studio
7:48 Transparent Marketing – you can access the free PDF here: https://marketingexperiments.com/valu…
14:13 Several headlines optimized showing quantitative conversion results
23:26 Live optimization – HR website
27:00 Don’t use impersonal language with stacked prepositions and modifiers
32:00 Don’t use an untrustworthy tone
34:18 Don’t have a me-centric structure
37:54 A list of the 6 deadly copywriting errors
42:20 Don’t use qualitative modifiers (use quantitative)
48:20 Don’t make vague claims
50:29 Don’t neglect using transitional words
56:51 How to evaluate copy step-by-step for maximum effectiveness

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