Why 80% of the Words on Our Webpages Are Wrong (Part 3): 4 elements that increase funnel momentum

Why 80% of the Words on Our Webpages Are Wrong (Part 3): 4 elements that increase funnel momentum

In this series, Flint McGlaughlin has been sharing common copywriting mistakes on our webpages and strategies to avoid them. Join us this week as he explains how to use copy to help the transition go smoothly from micro-yes to micro-yes so that you achieve the ultimate yes (and win a customer).

If you missed the previous sessions, you can view Part 1 here: https://meclabs.com/high-converting-copy and Part 2: https://meclabs.com/high-converting-c…

If you would like your marketing to be considered for live optimization – on-the-spot analysis with Flint sharing how to improve conversion during the session – send it to us at info@meclabs.com.

Here are some key points in the video:
2:30 Flint diagnoses problems with a headline about Coca-Cola.
6:42 Example of a brilliant communicator – Ian Fleming’s James Bond series
9:43 The danger of “Apple Stacking”
11:48 The danger of assuming customers will follow your funnel plan
18:40 Why MECLABS inverts the customer journey funnel
21:06 How motivation is an internal draw
24:54 How brand’s power comes from the expectation associated with the symbol of the offering.
30:58 How to use your primary value proposition to get customers moving up the funnel against gravity
32:47 Don’t tell people what they should do, but stimulate what they want – James Bond example of this
38:22 Live optimization – FFL Bound Book
48:48 Summary of the 4 elements of copy that increase momentum through the conversion funnel
50:27 Live optimization – marketing services provider

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